Top Reasons for Disbelief

After researching the internet for hours, I have gathered a list of reasons atheist typically disbelieve in a God or gods. In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Immoral acts created by God or gods.
    A quick glance at the evenings news will show a picture of religious people acting terribly violent. Particularly in the Middle East, however, this argument for disbelief will point to the past and make strikes at the Christian Crusades, and the Inquisition.
  2. Why does God or a god allow evil?
    One of the most fascinating questions for debate among theologians and atheists, is why does God allow evil? If God is perfect, why did he create something imperfect?
  3. The Bible and other sacred religious texts are contradictory
    Atheist believe contradictions in the Bible and other sacred texts are a straight arrow into the heart of that belief. Most intellectual apologetics on the other hand, can easily point out the reasoning for such contradictions, thus this is rarely debated in any well-known debate, but mainly reserved for the pop-culture atheist.
  4. God can't be proven
    The fundamental argument for Atheism is the simple fact, one even believers recognize, is that God or gods can not be proven.
  5. God of the gaps are being filled
    Yesteryear, it was common for civilians to ask 'the god of rain' to provide rain for their crops. Today, society knows better, and that gap in knowledge has been filled by science and meteorologists. Another classic example is an exploding star, a supernova, when this happened in ancient day, it was a belief that the gods were angry. When science today, provides a simple answer.
  6. Religion runs in families
    The idea that what your parents believe in, will be what you believe in. Strikes a sour note with Atheists.
  7. Prayer of Healing has been proven false
    When real testing has been done to see if prayer helps patients recover, it has always been proven false.
  8. Why are all the other gods wrong?
    A common belief against theism, is if you believe in the Judea/Christian God, then why is Shiva, Zeus, Vishnu, etc, all false gods?
  9. Who created God?
    Theist argue that the universe had to have a creator, and a start. Thus, making atheists ask the question well who created God?
  10. Evolution has erased Creationism
    Since Charles Darwin, atheists believe evolution finally trumps Creationism. Thus putting God out of business.