Hindu Holidays

Holiday and Celebrations

Most Hindu holidays are dedicated either to a god, or an aspect of nature, or a cycle in life. They can be anything from the festival of spring, a new moon, or a birthday celebration for gods like Krishna, Vishnu, Shiva or Ganesh, as well as Rama the ideal man.

One of the primary sacred days of Hinduism is Holi, a holiday centered on welcoming the vibrant colors of the season of spring. This joyous event involves tossing brightly colored powder on friends and family, dancing around bonfires, singing and playing in anticipation of nature's new life. The festival highlights famous stories in Hindu mythology, and encourages a playful spirit where social restrictions are greatly lessened.

Diwali, a five-day festival of lights around the Hindu's New Years Eve, is another of the most popular holidays in Hinduism. The rituals celebrated on this holiday vary by region, but usually involve lighting candles, oil lamps, gambling for good luck, dancing and feasting with family and friends.

Hindus Holidays and Festivals