Defending Christianity against Atheism

Any Christian, who wants to evangelize the world should be prepared to counter atheism and their top reasons for disbelief. Before reading this article, and viewing the slides, I recommend visiting my page on common atheist disbeliefs, found here: Top Atheist Disbelief's. The content provided here, merely serve as a warm up to Christian Apologetics. When diving into this field, I would strongly urge any Christian to have a strong footing before beginning on this path. It will surely test your faith. If you feel strong in your faith and want to dive deeper, I would recommend watching any debates by William Lane Craig and Frank Turek. In my opinion, Frank is better suited for Christian apologetic beginners, and William Lane Craig is more advanced. To put the level William Lane Craig is at into perspective, Richard Dawkins refuses to debate him.

  1. Immoral Acts in the Bible

  2. Why does God allow evil?

  3. The Bible is Contradictory

  4. God Can't Be Proven

  5. God of the gaps

  6. Religion runs in families

  7. Prayer of Healing has been proven false

  8. Why are all the other gods wrong?

  9. Who created God?