The Temple Mount
Judaism is among the world's oldest monotheistic religions and the first of the three Abrahamic religions, which also include Christianity and Islam. Around 12 million people in the world believe in Judaism. They are mostly in the United States and Israel. The Torah, or Hebrew Bible, is the most important holy book of Judaism.

History of Judaism

Judaism began in the Middle East and was founded by Moses. The religious text of Judaism is called the Tanakh which includes the Torah. The history of Judaism has been filled with exile, revolutions, victories and the Holocaust. History of Judaism

Judaism Beliefs

Those who believe in Judaism believe in one God and must obey the Laws of God. The Torah and the Oral Laws are important aspects of Judaism that must be studied. Jews believe in Halakha, which is the Jewish way of life. Judaism Beliefs

Jewish Customs

The primary custom of Judaism is practicing prayer, preferably communal prayer. Jews attend synagogues for praying and religious events. Jews also follow Dietary Laws which require believers to avoid certain foods. Jewish Customs

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Topics on Religion

Religion and the Law