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Defending Christianity against Atheism
Ryan Brown
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Defending Christianity against Atheism
Defending Christianity against Atheism

Any Christian, who wants to evangelize the world should be prepared to counter atheism and their top reasons for disbelief. Before reading this article, and viewing the slides, I recommend visiting my page on common atheist disbeliefs, found here: Top Atheist Disbelief's. The content provided here, merely serve as a warm up to Christian Apologetics. When diving into this field, I would strongly urge any Christian to have a strong footing before beginning on this path. It will surely test your faith. If you feel strong in your faith and want to dive deeper, I would recommend watching any debates by William Lane Craig and Frank Turek. In my opinion, Frank is better suited for Christian apologetic beginners, and William Lane Craig is more advanced. To put the level William Lane Craig is at into perspective, Richard Dawkins refuses to debate him.

  1. Immoral Acts in the Bible

    • Just to name a few immoral acts in the Bible: God drowning the whole earth by a flood, God kills all Egyptian newborns, God helps Joshua destory thousands of Men, Women, and Children Canaanites. So why would God do this, and how would you defend this attack by an Atheist? As a Christian, we understand that God told Abraham he was going to destroy Sodom with Abraham's nephew Lot living there. Abraham pleaded God not to do so, and tried to save the city. Abraham asked, 'Will you kill the righteous along with the wicked? What if there were 50 righteous men in all of Sodom, would you destroy it still?' God answered, 'No, if I find 50 righteous men, I will save the city'. Long story short, God does not find 50 righteous, and he knew all along the city would be destroyed along with Gomorrah. Therefore, when God chooses to kill humans, he does so with righteous judgement. They have had their time, and they have chosen sin. When these same atheist opponents, ask why does God allow evil? Here is a clear example of God not allowing evil. As for the newborn children, who were innocent. God created them, and God has the right to take away their life. These newborns go straight to Heaven. In my opinion, that is an awesome deal.
  2. Why does God allow evil?

    • The previous answer fits perfectly for this one. God allows some evil, and destroys evil in other occasions like the great flood and the canaanites. To go further, the best answer to this is simply free will. Before humans, and perhaps the universe, God created Angels, who do not have a free will similar to humans. Angels have the choice, and full knowledge of who God is. If they choose to follow him they remain angels, otherwise they fall. God wanted to go beyond this creation. After the creation of humans, God allowed testing of humans, with the choice of good or evil. This is a much harder test than what Angels faced, only 1/3 of angels fell, meanwhile it's believed that much more humans will fall, as the door is very narrow into the kingdom of Heaven. If humans pass the test, we will be greater than the Angels according to Paul. Therefore, because of this great choice, evil must exist.
  3. The Bible is Contradictory

    • Yes, it is true there are many contradictions in the Bible. Most atheist will quickly point out the order of creation, and say there is no need to go further than the first two chapters in the Bible to find errors. The first chapter states all animals were created before Adam and Eve, while the second chapter states Adam and Eve were created first. Jewish scholars understood this contradiction and had no problems with it, because of the terminology used. The term 'formed' was simply the same as 'had formed'. Most atheist will still have a problem with this, as it appears to be too easy to correct. However, when you translate words from Hebrew to English, many meanings of words change, and thus we have hundreds and hundreds of various bible versions. Going further, bible contradictions are a very rare scene in any intellectual debate among atheists and apologetics, because simply they aren't there and aren't profound.
  4. God Can't Be Proven

    • Absolutely God can not be proven and that is kind of the point behind the faith in Jesus Christ and God. If God were able to be seen, there would be no free will. Your choice would literally be a matter of fire and torture or God. God wants us to choose him freely, and pursue him at our own discretion. Not being forced into it, by him standing on the clouds visually appearing to us in our every move.
  5. God of the gaps

    • The God of the gaps, is a dismissal of seeking further knowledge of an event, perhaps in nature, such as an earthquake or lightning, where one might say God created such an event. The atheist points to this cause in early human history, as a reason for the development of religion. Which very well may be the case. However, if an atheist studied Christianity, or Islam, for example, they will realize there were no God of the gaps arguments to be had for the creation of said religions.
  6. Religion runs in families

    • As religious people, we know God blesses our future generations with believers. However, this is not understood in the atheist view. They feel Religious people indoctrinate their children. Thus spreading religion. Whereas, if 'only' religious people allowed their children to decide for themselves. The best counter for this argument is simple, just ask the person if they believe every beliefs/values their parents have. If their parents are Republicans, are they Republicans too?
  7. Prayer of Healing has been proven false

    • If God is omniscient, then he knows when a prayer is being tested. If he hasn't given complete proof of his identity yet, think he will make a mistake and show himself through a simple test?
  8. Why are all the other gods wrong?

    • Almost no one recognizes Zeus as a god today. Think if he were actually a god, he would make himself known by now? No, of course not, you have to focus on the real God, and his son that came to earth 2000 years ago, and over two billion people worship today.
  9. Who created God?

    • The simple answer is, nothing created God. God has always existed. That is hard to wrap our heads around, but it is true. In order for the Universe to have been created, it had to have been created from an eternal being. Which is God. This is why Atheists try very hard to say the universe could have came from nothing.