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Richard Dawkins - Father of Modern Atheism
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Types of Religion
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Richard Dawkins - Father of Modern Atheism
Richard Dawkins - Father of Modern Atheism

Richard Dawkins is considered to be the leader of Atheism. He is an ethologist and evolutionary biologist from Britain and has written several books. Some of the most highly acclaimed books include "The Selfish Gene," "The Extended Phenotype," and "The Blind Watchmaker."

Dawkins has been known to be a critic of creationism. Creationism is the belief that life, the universe and humanity have been created by a God or deity. He argues that a supernatural deity does not exist and that religious faith is a false belief. He argues further that belief is not based on evidence and that it is one of the world's great evils.

Dawkins is outspoken about his views on religion and calls himself a "Militant Atheist." While being a "Militant Atheist", Dawkins finds himself in many debates where he challenges theologians. While being very outspoken and willing to challenge almost anyone in a debate, Dawkins still refuses to accept a debate from well known Christian debater, William Lane Craig. According to Dawkins, his ideas and theories of evolution have led him to his atheist beliefs. Dawkins is an advocate of education as a tool to fight against religious dogma and stereotypes.