This site provides information about different types of religion from ancient influences to modern developments. It also covers the beliefs of individual religions, from the worshipped God, gods, or spirits, to the holy books, codes and doctrines. The self-help angle of Jainism, the religious freedom of Unitarianism, the role of karma in Hinduism, and the yin and yang concept of Taoism are just a few of the belief systems that are discussed. Religious customs and practices are also covered through this religion site, with references to holy days, festivals, as well as to prayers, meditation, and other forms of worship. Customs that are unique to each of the types of religion are also presented, like the head gear of Judaism, the dreadlocks of Rastafari, the handfasting ceremonies of Paganism, the door-to-door missionary work of Jehovah's Witnesses, and the trancelike dances of Candomble. This site familiarizes you with all you need to know about the different types of religion.